How to rent a vehicle in Hungary

The complete guide.

Steps to take

Step 1: Online booking

Reserve your rental car by filling out a simple online form. Give us the time you would like to pick up your vehicle for hire, when you would like to return it, and select any optional extras. A confirmation email will be sent to you.

Step 2: Arrival at the airport

The GAME rental car office is 4 minutes from the exit of the Budapest Airport. Collect your baggage and leave the airport through the main exit. Present your GAME car rental voucher at the taxi booth located right outside the airport terminal to receive a free ride to our office.

As you step out of the airport the taxi booth will be on your left hand side. There is also a marked path on the ground that leads you up to the taxi booth. The booth itself is red and white; very hard to miss. Show them your rental car voucher. If you have lost your voucher tell them your name and that you are here to pick up your GAME rental car. They have a list of GAME clients.

The person at the booth will give you the number of the taxi that will pull up in a minute to pick you up. Make sure you get in the correct taxi that matches the number you were told at the booth. The driver will know where to take you. The trip will take 4 minutes. You don't have to pay the taxi driver for the ride, and you don't need to give him any tips either. All these costs are included in your rental fee.

Step 3: At our office

Present your driver's licence, sign a couple of documents, pay the rental fee and the deposit for the car hire, and you are ready to go. You may also want to purchase some extra services like a toll pass valid for all toll roads in Hungary.

Step 4: Having fun

With unlimited mileage, optional zero excess insurance and optional complete toll road coverage you have nothing to worry about. You are free to drive the rental car to any EU country. In case of any problems you may call our non-stop hotline.

Step 5: Returning

Upon return we check the rental car together for any damages. If the fuel tank is not full a refueling charge will be applied. A taxi will take you and your group from our office right to the airport terminal entrance for free.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find my rental car at the airport?

The GAME rental car office is 4 minutes from the exit of the Budapest Airport. Collect your baggage and leave the airport through the main exit. Present your GAME car rental voucher at the taxi booth located right outside the airport terminal to receive a free ride to our office. You may enjoy the same free taxi ride on the way back. There is more information on this above, in our steps to take section.

Toll roads in Hungary?

Toll roads are not covered by the rental fee.

The major highways in Hungary require a fee to use. Cameras along the roads check the online database whether you rental car has a valid pre-purchased ticket. You must have a pre-purchased ticket for your rental car to avoid fines. Contrary to some other countries, in Hungary you cannot pay the fee when entering or leaving the highway. You must purchase the ticket in advance at our office or any gas station. You can buy 10-day, 1-month and annual tickets for the rental car.

If you decide to buy the ticket at a gas station the serviceperson will ask for the plate number of the rental car. Double check that you have provided the correct plate number! The toll road ticket is valid for that vehicle only. If you provide the wrong plate number you will be fined on the toll road.

It is much easier to buy the toll ticket at our office where we make sure everything is registered correctly for your rental car.

What type of credit cards can I use?

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, EuroCard, and Maestro.

Can I pay with cash?

You may pay the rental fee and any extras in cash, however, for the deposit we need a credit card. We accept HUF, EUR, USD, GBP, CDN. Current exchange rates are displayed at our office.

Do I need to pay anything in advance?

No, you don't need to pay anything before arrival at our office. You can reserve your car without providing credit card details or paying upfront. However, you can if you want to, pay 30% of the car rental fee in advance by bank transfer and receive a 2% discount.

Do you require a deposit?

We require a €500 deposit for all vehicles. You need a valid credit card for this. When you arrive to pick up the car we will request an authorization hold against your credit card account for the deposit amount. This means that you will not have access to these funds until the car is returned. When you return the vehicle to our office we lift the hold on your account.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, and it's free if you cancel it at least 72 hours prior to the designated pick-up time. If you cancel less than 72 hours before your pick-up time, 30% of the rental fee will be charged.

Sample documents

The fine print

General Terms & Conditions

General obligation

Lessor hereby gives and Lessee hereby takes under certain terms and conditions set out in the lease contract the vehicle owned or operated by GAME Rentacar Ltd. Any statements in connection with the present contract - exclusive of those mentioned in the contract - can only be made in writing. Any false information included in the rental contract or failure to comply with lease terms and conditions and general terms and conditions will lead to termination of the contract with immediate effect. Lessor may refuse the car hire without reason if the rental payments or the intended use of the vehicle or its preservation are not assured. Lessor terminates the contract with immediate effect in case of violation of contract provisions.

Use of vehicle

The leased vehicle is required to be filled with only the specified fuel the cost of which is to be borne by the lessee during the rental period. The lessee is prohibited to drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is also prohibited to enter the vehicle in a sports event, use it for test purposes or take part in contests and competitions. Towing another vehicle is not allowed, an exception is the car with towing hook. It is prohibited to commit a crime with the vehicle and to cross the border illegally, any expenses arising from legal actions or court proceedings resulting from this are to be paid by the lessee. Travel outside the borders of Hungary is only possible with the lessor’s written approval. Lessor gives the vehicle fully filled with fuel and lubricants together with its accessories to lessee. Lessee is obliged to return the vehicle and its accessories in the same condition as it was at the time of transfer.
Lessee can only use the vehicle for its intended purpose. Lessee must treat the car gently. In order to use the cars for their intended use please check oil and fluid level after every 1000 kms. Lessee is responsible for damages higher than warranted.

Rental fee, rental period, payment conditions

Rental fee is based on the valid price list of the lessor. Different rates (eg. renting more vehicles at the same time) are recorded in a separate agreement as a lease contract supplement.
Lessee pays a security deposit to lessor at the time of signing the lease contract. Security deposit payment is a precondition for the transfer of the vehicle. Security deposit payment can be made in cash or by advance bank transfer. Lessor may use the amount of the security deposit as a compensation for unpaid rent or justified and proven expenses resulting from any damage. Lessee agrees that the possible expenses (rent, fuel shortages, traffic violation fine, parking surcharge,insurance deductible, lack of car accessories, extra mileage surcharge) may be deducted from the security deposit at the end of lease. Lessor shall pay back the remaining amount of the security deposit in cash or by bank transfer at the time of closing the lease contract. In case of delayed payment the default interest rate is twice the current bank rate. Recovery and litigation costs due to late payment or failure to pay is to be borne by the lessee. Unless the contracting parties agree on another method of payment it is to be made by bank transfer or in cash. Different payment methods and conditions should be stated in a seperate agreement as an addendum to the contract. In case the vehicle is not returned by the deadline, lessee is obliged to pay a full day rent. The grace period is 1 hour. If the vehicle is returned within the lease period there is no refund of rent.
Extension of the rental period should be approved by the lessor in writing 24 hour before the expiry of the lease. In case of unathorized extension of lease, lessee is obliged to pay 7000 HUF extra charge in addition to the normal rent. Any expenses arising from the delay (transport, car search..etc.) should be paid by the lessee. Any expenses in connection with the rented car during the rental period (fuel, parking fees, toll, exclusive of contract…etc.) has to be paid by the lessee. In case lessee returns the vehicle without a full fuel tank the missing fuel price has to be paid.

Insurance and liability for damages

Lessor states that he has a valid insurance contract for the vehicle defined in the lease contract. In case of an inland accident, in which the lessee is not guilty, there is a need for a a European format accident reporting statement which is duly completed and signed by both present. In case the person responsible for the accident does not recognize the damage, it has to be proved by a police report. In case of accidents abroad a certificate is needed from the insurance company of the person causing the damage as well as a police report. In case of lack of documents the total loss has to be compensated by the lessee. In addition to the compulsory insurance ( that is included in the rent) complementary insurance surcharge has to be paid which includes a 10 % insurance deductible. 10% means that in case of an accident due to lessee’s fault, lessee must pay 10% of the damage or at least 100 000 HUF to lessor. In case of theft or total damage lessee shall pay 10% contribution. Windshield damages shall be paid by the lessee in accordance with conditions set in the lease contract. In case of any damages (which are not covered or partly covered by the insurance) lessee is obliged to pay the expenses. Accidents due to the lessee’s fault are recognized as a loss of time in the rental period therefore lessee shall pay the rent and the extra insurance charge during the time of repair work (according to audatex prg).
The extra insurance charge does not cover non-accidental damage regarding wheels,tires, car interiors and boot therefore this is the lessee’s responsibility. In case the rented car is left at a place unattended, lessee must take the pull-out car stereo or the detachable face-plate with himself and must also ensure that valuables are not left in the car. Otherwise lessee is liable for all damages and the contract regarding the extra insurance surcharge expires. In case of accessories deficit lessee shall pay the actual price of the missing accessories.
In case the serial key lost or stolen lessee must pay the expenses regarding lock replacement. In case of lost or stolen number plate or registration certificates lessee must pay expenses that arise during the process of obtaining the appropriate documents.
In case of self contribution accident lessor agrees to bear the costs of taking the damaged car back to its locations up to 100 000 HUF

Repair and maintenance

In case the vehicle gets damaged for reasons not attributable to lessee, lessee must inform the lessor immediately, after that lessor shall provide a replacement car of the same category as soon as possible. In such cases the expenses regarding the cost of the damaged car and the replacement shall be borne by the lessor. During the period lessee could not use the vehicle because of the replacement procedures lessee may decide to get back the already paid rent or prolong the period of the lease accordingly. In case of accident or technical error please call the number on the assistance card (or on the sun blind).
For maintenance and services determined in the service book lessee should make the vehicle available for the owner. Lessee must inform the lessor about the actual maintenance works determined by the manufacturer of the vehicle and take the car for an appointment to the service designated by the lessor. In the event of failing to perform the required maintenance lessor shall charge 100 HUF + VAT after every overrun kilometres. Lessor may permit 1000 overrun kilometres.

Lessor’s obligations

Lessor guarantees that the vehicle is in working condition and corresponds to the official maintenance procedures throughout the duration of the lease.

Lessee’s obligations

Lessee states that he owns a valid driving licence and has obtained driving experience necessary for safe journeys. The rented car can only be driven by the lessee or people authorized by the lessee other people are not allowed to drive. The obligations stated above are true for cases where the lessee is not an individual (hereinafter a company) with the difference that the car may be used only by employees of the company and according to the above obligations and conditions. Lessee must immediately inform lessor if he does not expect to fulfil contractual obligations in time or any extraordinary event (theft, hack, accident, vehicle removal by authority)may occur.
Lessee assumes the obligation to take responsibility for any legal and financial disadvantages and damages of the vehicle inc luding the vehicle’s deficiencies for road safety throughout the whole rental period.
Lessee assumes the obligation to send the milage of the rented car on the first working day of every month, this can be made via e-mail to or via short text messages to the following number: +36 30 622 7959. In case of exceeding the monthly or daily mileage limit determined in the lease contract, lessee has to pay 20 Huf+ VAT/ kilometer rental surcharge.
In case of more than 15 days non-payment of the rent, lessee must deliver the vehicle to the place and time indicated by the lessor. In case of failure to do so lessor is entitled to take the vehicle back using its spare key. The expenses arising from the repossession procedure (call-out fee, fuel replacement fee, exterior wash, internal cleaning…etc.) has to be paid by the lessee.
Lessee is obliged to use the car and its accessories as a good keeper and must ensure to provide control of them as well as of the documents of the vehicle

Final provisions

In case of any legal disputes in connection with the present contract , the rules of the Hungarian Law shall prevail, especially the provisions of the Civil Code. For the decision of legal disputes parties stipulate the Pest Central District Court. Lessee by signing the lease contract acknowledges the rental and other fees recorded in the contract and states that the present lease contract and the general conditions has been fully read and acknowledged and bears the consequences upon non-compliance.

Privacy Policy

The website (hereinafter refferred to as website) has been developed and is operated by GAME Rentacar Ltd. On our website you can get information about GAME Rentacar Ltd and the services it provides. GAME Rentacar Ltd. is aware of the importance and protection of personal information. GAME Rentacar Ltd. promises to treat your personal data with respect and to process them confidentially and carefully. The personal information given by you will be used for purposes determined in this statement. Every data processing will be performed according to this privacy policy and the corresponding regulations.

Why does GAME Rentacar Ltd. process your personal data?

We process your data to make it possible for you to book vehicles personally under the service of ours.

What kind of data does GAME Rentacar Ltd. process?

In case of renting a vehicle you are asked to fill in a form with the following personal information: your name, e-mail address, number of driving license and address.

Who has access to your personal data?

Personal data gathered on the website is exclusively accessible by GAME Rentacar Ltd.

Does GAME Rentacar Ltd. forward your personal information to others?

Your personal data will not be given, revealed or forwarded to a third party.

Does GAME Rentacar Ltd. use your data for direct marketing activity?

GAME Rentacar Ltd. does not use your personal data to send you unwanted letters regarding its business offers and advertisements. GAME Rentacar Ltd. does not sell or swap your personal data.

Our web site contains cookies. Cookies are text data files that are stored on your computer by your browser. Their content overs your searched and visited web sites and ads. However, cookies do not contain personal data, such as your name, address, email address, etc. Cookies are used by the visitors of a page, e. g. to receive authorization to view the information on a page. Your browser does not need special settings to download cookies on your computer. By default settings, your browser will accept cookies (e. g. in the “temporary downloads” folder), as they impose no security risk. If you do not wish that VALASEK Pump Engineering Llc. or its contracted service providers and partners use cookies, inactivate storing cookies in your web browser.

You will find further information about storing cookies in the Help content of your web browser. If you accept cookies, they will be stored on your computer, unless you delete them before that. During a later visit, the service provider managing the cookie has the opportunity to match the visit of the user with the user’s earlier visits, but only with respect to the content relevant to the page.

Therefore, after you have left our web site, you will find our advertisements on other pages as well. Cookies can be deleted by users from their hard drives, or the browser can be prevented from handling them.

Where do we keep personal data?

The storage server machine of GAME Rentacar Ltd. is located in a serverpark in Budapest. These storage machines are owned and operated by a company that came into agreement with GAME Rentacar Ltd. to comply with all data protection law.

Is your personal data safe with GAME Rentacar Ltd.?

GAME Rentacar Ltd. has made every technical and organizational step to provide appropriate protection against unauthorized access and processing of your personal data.

What rights do you have regarding your personal data?

You have no obligation to provide required personal data to GAME Rentacar Ltd. However, in case you refuse data collection it is probable that GAME Rentacar Ltd. is unfortunately unable to meet online vehicle booking. You have the right to ask GAME Rentacar Ltd. to inform you if GAME Rentacar Ltd. processed any personal data in connection with you. You can ask GAME Rentacar Ltd. to fully or partly correct, complement , block or delete given data if it is factually incorrect, not full or irrelevant in terms of processing. You can raise an objection to your data processing or the purpose of it. GAME Rentacar Ltd. undertakes to comply with such issues on time. You can withdraw your consent regarding data processing at any time. In case you decide to withdraw your declaration of consent and thus deny the processing of your personal data from GAME Rentacar Ltd. it is enough to send an e-mail or a letter in this regard.

Whom to contact?

You can send your inquiries to the following e-mail address: or the following postal address: H-2220 Vecses, Lincoln road 1. All data processing operations of GAME Rentacar Ltd. are in compliance with the relevant European data protection laws. To ensure compliance GAME Rentacar Ltd. can review your Privacy statement from time to time. By accepting the Privacy Policy you agree that GAME Rentacar Ltd. will process your personal data as described in this statement.