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    Budapest Airport, Hungary
    +36 30 622 7959 info@gamerentacar.com
    Dear Customers,
    We would like to inform you that our office is currently being moved.
    Until the new office is set up, the rental cars will be handed over and taken back at a temporary site, The address is: 2220 Vecsés, Fő road 2.

    Please always consult our colleagues at least 2 hours before picking up or dropping off the rental car! + 36-30-622-7959
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

    Car rental information

    Information about car rental service

    • The deposit is 700 Euro, must be locked by card. Visa or Mastercard, Credit or debit card are both acceptable. Amex or cash deposit not acceptable. This is not a payment; this is a frozen amount. After rent, the deposit will be unlocked. The normal unlocking process is between 5-10 working days.
    • Unlimited mileage is included in rental fee.
    • The minimum driver age is 19, but under 21, must pay 2 Euro/day young driver fee.
    • Local or international driving license accepted.
    • Allowed countries to drive: EU countries + Switzerland + Bosnia + Serbia + Montenegro + Kosovo + Macedonia + Albania. The board pass is only 20 Euro for the whole rental period. Not per day, not per country, totally is 20 Euro. This document is needed to cross the border. Ukraine and other countries are not allowed.
    • The second driver is allowed, this is only 10 Euro as well.
    • The roadside assistance fee is included in rental fee. This is working in EU countries. There is a non-stop hotline number; you can call it if you are in trouble. (replacement car available)
    • The motorway ticket / toll pass is not included in the rental fee. You can buy it in our office; the price is the same than in official price. For 10 days is 11 Euro, for a month is 16 Euro now (passenger cars) For 10 days is 22 Euro, for a month is 32 Euro now (9-seater)
    • You can buy the motorway ticket for other countries yourself, close to the border in any gas stations.
    • The insurance with 10% (but minimum 300 Euro) excess is included in the rental fee. If you need zero excess insurance, this is possible. The price is 30 Euro/day, but minimum 210 Euro/rental, hosted by Allianz insurance company.
    • Our office is next to the airport. We have free shuttle service from the airport, hosted by the official airport taxi company, called "Fotaxi". Please go outside from the terminal, and on the left hand, there will be the taxi desk. Please tell your name to the taxi operator, and a taxi will pick you up and delivery to our office.
    • There is possibility to pick the car up other places. In Budapest, the delivery fee is 30 Euro, other places for request.
    • Child seat, snow chain and GPS available to rent, the price is 2 Euros per day. We have many child seats for kids between 0 to 8 years. The winter tire is necessary between 15th of October and 15th of March. Snow chain is necessary in same period in Austria.
    • Our company has 0-24h, non-stop service. However, from 8pm to 6am, the Customer has to pay extra 20 Euro meet late fee.
    • Our cancellation fee is 50% within 48 hours, other case: 3 % of the total rental fee.
    • In our fleet there are around 160 cars. The average age is 1 year; the average mileage is less than 50.000 km. In our fleet no car with more than 120.000 km and no older car than 2 years.

    Deposit unlocking information

    Within 24 hours of returning the rental car, the representative of GAME Rentacar Ltd. had given a written notice to the bank of the release of the deposit. The effective termination of the deposit is subject to communication between the Customer’s bank and the bank of GAME Rentacar Ltd. The official termination date may be between 1 and 30 working days due to bank transaction, but the average is 5-10 working days. GAME Rentacar Ltd. has no influence about the unlocking time.

    Rental car damages and insurance conditions

    1. Minimum damages that do not need to be fixed immediately will be charged 30 EURO polishing fee. The damages must be smaller than 1 cm. For example, light scratches and natural deterioration due to wear.
    2. Scratches and dents on bodywork, rims between 1 cm and 10 cm of length will be charged with half excess.
    3. Scratches and dents, exceeding 10 cm of length, will be considered and charged as serious damages. In this case, the excess is 10%, but minimum 300 EURO.
    4. Tires: any anomaly will be charged fully.


    Assistance service
    Non-stop assistance is available in the European Union. This includes on-site error detection and – where possible – resolution of the problem (typically discharged battery, tyre damage). If repairs are not possible on site, the service is part of the car's carriage to the nearest service. If the car cannot be repaired within 24 hours of service, a car with the same category for 3 days can be requested.

    Casco insurance
    The cars have casco insurance, that is valid in the European Union. The amount of the insurance damages 90% of the damage, that is, the amount of the allowance to be paid by the client is the remaining 10% of the total amount of damage, but at least 100.000 HUF. This means that in the case of a fault of self-worth, 10% of the damages you have to pay but a minimum of 100,000 HUF against the account for GAME. In addition, a claim document must be completed and a copy of the personal documents (passport or identity card) and the driving license must be attached. If any of these are missing, casco insurance is not valid, the customer must fully compensate for the damage caused. The exclusion factor for casco insurance is also a serious violation of the drinking / boring condition, expired driving license or hard traffic rules foul.

    Full insurance
    For an extra charge, the Customer can apply for self-help supplement insurance besides the car rental service. In the event of this purchase, the customer will be relieved of the casco insurance coverage once for each lease. The fee will be charged on a rent per day at the beginning of the rental.

    Unexpected events

    Vehicle defect
    If the failure results from a customer fault, negligence (eg. fuel refuelling, lock-in key, etc.), an assistance service is available, but all repair and assistance costs are payable, the customer must arrange the costs to the local service provider on site. If the failure cannot be related to a customer, the assistance service can be used free of charge, and the repair costs are not borne by the customer.

    Rental car damage, accident
    Assistance service is available. The service is part of the car's carriage to the nearest service, and a 3-day car-to-car exchange can be requested. If the accident is due to the customer's fault or negligence, all assistance costs are subject to payment. In addition, the damaged car is repaired under the terms of the casco insurance. If the customer is accused of casualty in the accident, all assistance and repair costs are charged to the liability of the offender. At the same time, it may be that the customer has to arrange the cost to the local service provider. These costs will then be reimbursed to the customer by the insurer of the wrongful party during the damages.

    Car theft, robbery, damaged rental car
    In all cases, police reports are required. The customer has to compensate for the damage caused by the casco insurance. If, during the police investigation, the perpetrator is circumvented, the amount of compensation paid may be claimed by the client from the perpetrator. Assistance can also be used in this case, but the customer must arrange the costs for the local service provider on site. However, if the perpetrator is circumvented, compensation can be claimed from the accounts.

    Lost car key
    In this case, GAME must be requested to deliver the spare key to the scene and the vehicle must be handed over to GAME immediately on site. The expected cost and the date of arrival of the spare key depends on the distance from the car to Budapest, which GAME always provides in advance, in writing. All cost must also be settled by the Customer. Of course, a replacement car is also available from GAME, which will be delivered to the specified address with the spare key.

    Closed car key
    In this case, an assistance service is also available, but the customer must arrange the costs for the local service provider on site. If the car cannot be opened with the help of a mechanic, the GAME must also be requested to deliver the spare key to the scene. All costs must also be settled by the customer. The expected cost and the date of arrival of the spare key depends on the distance from the car to Budapest, which GAME always provides in advance, in writing.

    Defeat, tire damage
    In this case, the assistance service is also available, but the customer must arrange the costs for the local service provider on site. If the tire / wheel cannot be repaired, the cost of replacing the tire / wheel of the same size and make of the type will also be borne by the customer.

    Incorrect fuel refuelling
    In this case, an assistance service is also available, but the customer must arrange the costs for the local service provider on site.

    Cost of replacing lost/damaged accessories:

    head rest – 80 EURO/pc
    tyre or wheel – 100 EURO/pc
    rubber carpet – 50 EURO/set
    tools kit – 50 EURO
    healthy box – 40 EURO
    car license – 30 EURO
    armrest – 100 EURO
    safety belt – 50 EURO/pc
    antenna – 100 EURO
    smoking in the car – 80 EURO
    service manual – 40 EURO
    GPS – 100 EURO
    hubcap – 50 EURO/pc
    extremely dirty carpet – 50 EURO
    hat-rack – 40 EURO