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Attention! Our new website has commenced!

Thanks to several months of development, we can gladly inform our clients that the new website of GAME has commenced.
Our primary goal was to create a homepage that “responds” quickly to our clients’ needs. As a result of this we developed a completely new structure where those who are interested can access new content, and not the least importantly we also performed and image update.

Our page has become more up-to-date, more enjoyable and most importantly more user friendly. From now on it will be even faster and easier to rent a car. Furthermore, as a new feature we have introduced an online payment option, so the reservation of a car and the payment of fees can truly be performed fully online, fast and easily!
Our customer service route has also been simplified and accelerated, so if anyone has a question, or simply wishes to inquire, this can be done within a few minutes and the response is also quick.

„In today’s world it’s absolutely essential for a service providing company to have a modern, fast and user friendly website, since from the part of the clients this is a basic requirement. We were aware of this and we developed our new homepage without delay. Seeing the result, I believe that we succeeded in developing a high standard and fashionable website. We are certain that our existing and potential clients will sense this and receive the changes positively, stated Managing Director of GAME“

Of course, we are committed to continuously providing the website with new functions and further useful content, with this conveying added value to our clients and everyone who is interested.