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    Budapest Airport, Hungary
    +36 30 622 7959 info@gamerentacar.com
    Dear Customers,
    We would like to inform you that our office is currently being moved.
    Until the new office is set up, the rental cars will be handed over and taken back at a temporary site, The address is: 2220 Vecsés, Fő road 2.

    Please always consult our colleagues at least 2 hours before picking up or dropping off the rental car! + 36-30-622-7959
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


    We have become a member of the Hungarian Rent a Car Association

    We have become a member of the Hungarian Rent a Car Association

    We proudly announce that starting this year we have become a full member of the Hungarian Rent a Car Association, the main activity of which is advocacy for our sector and the appropriate representation of our profession. The largest rental car companies are members of the organization, so membership is truly valuable. It’s a kind of milestone in the life of a rental car company.

    It has always been important for our organization to reach the company size and service quality, after which we could successfully submit our application for membership in the Association.

    „We are very proud that we have become the member of such a high standard organization. We have now proven primarily to ourselves and also to those who are active in our profession that we have grown up to the task, that we can add value to the Association’s operation and contribute to the achievement of our common goals. Professional humility is essential at our company, stated Managing Director of GAME”