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The growing popularity of the automatic transmission is no longer a question, not even for GAME clients!

The growing popularity of the automatic transmission is no longer a question, not even for GAME clients!

Earlier it was clear to everyone that whether you were buying or renting, the stick shift was the choice to go with if you needed a car for just a few days. One of the reasons is the significant difference in purchase and sales price as well as rental fees.

And many people used to be nervous about the difficulties of driving an automatic transmission or perhaps they were simply unaccustomed to the technology, so they chose the tried and true method. But then what is causing the apparent change to this trend? The question shouldn’t be too hard to answer. On the one hand, the price difference is not what it used to be and people have learned to appreciate the comfort of being able to shift gears without having to use the clutch for just a small added cost.

And everyone loves comfort and convenience, so the the growing popularity of automatic transmission was a sure thing. But let’s see what the statistics show. We examined our clients’ requirements and habits to see how they make their choices when renting from us. What tendencies do the numbers show? According to our data, the number of automatic transmission vehicles rented has increased by 10% in the last year, that is, it grew from 30% to 40% over a year’s time. So we can see a significant increase in popularity. Also, when examining customer requirements we can conclude that in recent times, quality of service received for the amount paid has become an important aspect. GAME automobile rentals is dedicated to maximally meeting customer requirements, meaning in the future we will be adding more automatic transmission vehicles to our fleet to ensure a comfortable experience. Apart from the new vehicles, we are also planning on placing emphasis on additional services in the future. For more information on our extra services and our car rental options at a reasonable price, visit our website or our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram).