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Minivan rentals growing more popular in Hungary, but why?!

Minivan rentals growing more popular in Hungary, but why?!

The trend of renting a minivan instead of a classic five-door vehicle for your travel purposes has been a growing trend in Western Europe for quite a few years now. However, here in Hungary, this was not the case or it was a solution chosen mainly by our business clients. But based on the statistics, this trend appears to be changing as Hungarian travellers are choosing this “new” solution ever more frequently.

But why, you may ask? The answer is not too difficult: people who choose a minivan for their travels would previously embark on their several hundred kilometer road trip with two cars. This meant fuelling 2 separate vehicles, often ones with different mileage. This was by no means a budget-friendly solution.

Renting a minivan may be the perfect solution as you will only need to put gas in one vehicle. But let’s have a closer look at the other benefits as well: of course, your family or your group of friends can enjoy each other’s company throughout the journey as you will all be travelling in one car setting the mood for a fun skiing trip or springtime excursion. And of course, comfort, a more comfortable seat layout can make a long trip more enjoyable for our clients. These can all provide added value especially on a lengthier journey. And more people means more luggage. Minivans are designed in such a way that your luggage can travel in a a large separate trunk so that it is not cluttering the passenger space. You can also cut down on travel time when choosing this solution, because by switching drivers you will need fewer rest periods throughout the trip. Renting a minivan will also allow you to save on parking and knowing the European parking conditions, one vehicle instead of two can produce significant savings. So, how much do these benefit cost?

Considering the cost-value ratio when taking a road trip with family or friends, renting a minivan may be well worth it. At GAME car rentals, we have minivans available starting at a very reasonable and budget friendly 32 EURO per day. Naturally we can provide a variety of extra services for additional costs, but consider that they may well be worth it, car seats for small children, motorway vignettes and snow-chains can prove very useful during your journey. For further information, visit Rental car

All in all, we can say that in many cases it really is worth it to choose a minivan for your trip, because why travel alone or in a small group when you can spend the journey all together in good company? It’s the perfect time for an excursion...spring has sprung and summer will be here in a heartbeat.